Welcome to ABAKUS!

Your Real Estate Media Bookkeeper


With years of experience and a commitment to accuracy and reliability, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized bookkeeping solutions that help businesses thrive.



ABAKUS will handle

the day to day record

keeping and ensure

transactions are categorized

and needed journal

entries are entered.



ABAKUS will reconcile

all bank and credit card

statements ensuring

accuracy each month.



If you are just

getting started or

need a fresh start,

ABAKUS will build a

QuickBooks account for you!



If your QuickBooks

account is a mess,

ABAKUS will clean

up your account

so you can trust

your numbers again.

We are your dedicated bookkeeping + accounting partner, supporting you at every phase of your real estate media business journey. Whether you're embarking on your entrepreneurial venture or leading the way in your industry, we're committed to assisting

you in your growth.

With streamlined processes, our objective is to support you in establishing simple financial systems that bring clarity to your business finances.


  • Saves You Time
    Let Abakus do the heavy lifting so you can devote more time to focus on the growth of your business.

  • Brings Financial Clarity
    With accurate reports you will be able to make decisions with confidence and eliminate the guessing!

  • Simplifies Tax Time
    When end of the year taxes come around, your financials will be ready to hand to your CPA.



My books were a complete mess before Abakus. Nothing was in order, I wasn't able to pull accurate numbers for reporting and I never knew what my actual profit was. Now that I am an Abakus user I have piece of mind knowing all of my books are taken care of and I can actually trust the numbers I am seeing.

10/10 recommend!

- Vincent & Morgan Real Estate Media DOE

ABAKUS provides exceptional customer service! I'm incredibly grateful for all the support they've offered me over the past couple of years. I highly recommend them for their ability to keep you organized and guide you every step of the way.

- Bear Karry Productions

Abakus has saved me time and money by organizing my books. I really their patience and thoroughness during the setup process. They do an awesome job!

- Wendell & Anthony Media

ABAUKUS organized all my financial mess and by doing that I was able to see my business form a complete different perspective and take substantially better financial decisions. It takes a special kind of human to organize other peoples expenses like that and I am beyond grateful to ABAKUS for their services and friendly approach.

- Closing Day Media

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$25/year + $0.25/transaction


Up to 100 Transactions
2 Accounts Reconciled


What is considered a transaction?

A transactions is one transaction on your bank and/or credit card statement. A payment processor (i.e. Stripe, Square…) payment is not a transaction until it is deposited in your account. For example, you could receive 5 stripe payments, and if these 5 were deposited in the same batch this would be one transaction.

What is reconciling?

Reconciling is the process of comparing your bank/credit card statements and ensuring there are no duplicates or any missing transactions in your accounting software. Reconciling ensures all transactions are accounted for.

What about reports?

QuickBooks has many reports that you can pull from. At any time you can login to your QuickBooks account and access many reports. If there is a specific report you need Abakus will show you how you can access it. Just ask us!

Does ABAKUS file taxes?

Since we have clients all over the US we do not file sales tax or federal taxes. We strongly encourage you to reach out to professionals in your state (local area) to get advice want is required of you as a business owner in the region you service.

Does ABAKUS process payroll?

We do not process payroll, but we strongly recommend Gusto. We have found they are user friendly and make payroll (and paying contractors) an easy process in your business.

What is needed to get started?

To get setup we will need to schedule a zoom call. Each business is different, and we want to get to know you. We want to know your story and what you needing. We will need to know how far back you want to go. (Regardless of the year we will need to go back to Jan 1st). To enter transactions we will use your bank statements, so start gathering those… We will fill you in on the other details on our call (smiling emoji)!

What accounting software do you recommend?

We have found QuickBooks to be the best accounting solution. It is user friendly and more than enough to run your real estate media business.


YES, I would like to schedule a call with ABAKUS!

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